Anonymous asked:

What do you think about perverted people who look at your pictures in a, um... non artistic way? Just purely for the sexuality of them, does it bother you as an artist? Is it even something that runs through your mind?


It does bother me. It has run through my mind. I try not to preoccupy myself with it, though. In our current society, it is entirely normal to objectify women. How someone else views my work is entirely their choice. It’s my choice to create art and represent the strength, beauty, and delicacy of the female form. I do what I do with integrity and honesty. If someone else wants to misconstrue it, that’s entirely their prerogative.

Through varying experiences, I’ve realized that I have little control over how others view me.One lesson was on the LA subway (yes, such a thing does exist). I was at my lowest - horribly ill with an disease that infected my mouth with disgusting sores. I was miserable, downtrodden, upset with myself and my life choices, and sick as a dog to boot. Even then, more than one individual struck up conversation with me on the assumption that I was a pretty, friendly girl who would love nothing better than to humor them.

So what can I do? I’ve chosen to portray myself in a way that is true to my own core values. I love celebrating the female form and expressing myself as a nude artist. Will others objectify me? Yes. Will they look at my work as pornographic? Of course. Is it my problem what they see? No.